Update: Poland to present its energy policy in H2 2018 – dep EnergyMin

Poland will present its long-term energy policy in H2 2018, with the share of coal expected to be considerably reduced in the new energy mix, deputy Minister of Energy Tomasz Dabrowski said at the DISE power congress in Wroclaw.

“Works on the energy policy are going on,” Dabrowski said, adding that Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchorzewski and PM Mateusz Morawiecki will present the document in H2.

“We do not expect a scenario in which coal would be entirely eliminated in the perspective to 2050, but [we expect] its significant reduction, so that we see at least an opportunity on the horizon to meet the climate policy goals,” Dabrowski went on to say.
Natural gas is seen as a “transitory fuel, supporting the growth of renewable energy sources and replacing low-quality fuels for domestic combustion, the official also said. Accordingly, Poland plans to expand its natgas distribution network, seeking raising the gasification level to 62% in 2020 from the current 59%.
Increasing gas storage capacities is also on the agenda, along with including “a large number” of gas units in the capacity market in the coming years, according to Dabrowski.Poland is also preparing the national plan for energy and climate, Dabrowski also said.

“We expect that the energy policy and the plan for energy and climate will be made public at the same time,” the deputy minister said.

Sources: biznes.pap.pl

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